I’ve lived in West Carleton for 12 years and have long been frustrated by the lack of high speed internet service. I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t necessarily want to have to go into the office every day. A few years ago I tried a wireless solution from another, much larger ISP. It cost thousands of dollars, was very unreliable, and they treated me like they were doing me a favour by selling me the service. Things were so bad I went back to dial-up. When Northwind Wireless came along I decided to try again and was pleasantly surprised. The service is very cost-effective and the performance allows me to work effectively while my kids are playing Xbox Live. Northwind is very customer-focused. Response times for service calls are very fast; I once had a technician pull into my driveway 10 minutes after I phoned!

Plenty of ISPs have promised to bring reliable, cost-effective, wireless broadband to our community. Northwind is the only company that has delivered on that promise.


I have been working with Dave McKeen and NorthWind wireless since early 2005. I was a test subject for NorthWind wireless. As with any company starting out, there were some growing pains. Dave and Mathew were and still are always quick to respond to my support calls, which have become very few for quite some time now. I work from home and my internet service is a top priority. I would recommend NorthWind to anyone who is in need of internet service.


As new customers of NorthWind Wireless high speed internet in Constance Bay, we’d like to let you know how much we appreciate the dedication, investment and effort you have put into bringing high speed internet to our community.

We have been enjoying our high speed internet service since the end of OCtober. It is a pleasure to be able to turn on the computer at any time of the day, every day, and have immediate access to high speed internet. We really love it. The service is reliable and we have never yet had any “down time” in our service. It is so much better the the dial-up service we had previously! Once the start-up installation and equipment charges are paid for, the monthly price is reasonable and competitive.

We really appreciate having the speed and convenience of this service and thank you and your colleagues for your efforts in this endeavour. We hope that your business will continue to grow and flourish in our community.