Karen, we are just the stick you need, please pick it up.

Karen, we are just the stick you need, please pick it up.

Our response to an interview with MP Karen McCrimmon in Communty Voice Kanata, October 31 edition.

I would like to congratulate Karen McCrimmon for keeping her seat in Kanata-Carleton with the recent federal election.  When the Liberal's came to power in 2015 I was very encouraged to hear their pledge to bring 50/10 Internet to the majority of Canadian homes including the hard to reach rural and remote areas of the country. I was also very interested to learn how they planned to do it.  In the years since the election, little progress has been made and it appears Karen McCrimmon is losing patience with the pace of change.  And she should be.  Kanata-Carleton is a wealthy part of the city of Ottawa, the nation's capital, and for many homes, high-speed internet is just not available.

Rural residents of Kanata-Carleton are largely ignored by Canada's large Internet Providers, who receive funding grants from the federal government. In the end, it is small companies like NorthWind Wireless that delivers service to rural communities including the community that Karen McCrimmon calls home.  While it is commendable that we are able to service our community, it is important to realize that we do it without any government assistance.

In the October 31 issue of Community Voice Kanata, on page 12, Karen McCrimmon is quoted as saying:

(Internet companies) didn’t want to play so we may have to get out the stick now.

One can assume that our MP is referring to Bell's recent decision to scale back Rural Internet plans. So perhaps now is a good time to remind her that NorthWind Management has twice been to meetings with her and that we are the stick she is looking for.

Companies like Bell Canada and Rogers are not the only game in town.  In fact, they lack the required focus that is needed to deliver service to Rural Canadians.  There are hundreds of small companies across this country that make it their business to bring reliable, high-speed Internet to those ignored by the big ISPs and by extension, all levels of government that offer these companies funding.  And how do we do it? We do by any means necessary.  We stay current with the latest technologies and work with technology providers that deliver innovative solutions using the crowded, un-licensed frequencies.  Imagine what we could do with a little support.  Imagine what we could do had the Federal Government not sold all the valuable spectrum to the highest bidder and instead allowed the independent WISPs of the country to do what they do best using licensed frequencies.

The large telcos have amazing and robust networks, their infrastructure is world class.  We buy the Internet service that we deliver to Rural Kanata-Carleton from large providers like Bell Canada. They are an integral piece of the puzzle. Rural residents buy service from small WISPs (Wireless ISP) like NorthWind and we put them onto the robust networks that our tax dollars have helped to build.  

Karen, would you like 50/10 Internet to every home in your riding, including your own? Pick up the stick by giving us a call.  We have the talent, the technology, customer base and most of all, the desire to deliver.  We could really use the support and your constituents will thank you.  It is time to leave the large companies to do what they are good at– building infrastructure,  and to support the small ISPs so that they can continue to do what they are good at– connecting homes and businesses to the Internet.