Sometimes you need a tower

Sometimes you need a tower

I have been working for Northwind now since the Spring (2019) and I am enjoying this new chapter in life.  Many years ago, my brothers and I brought wireless Internet services to our home town and then sold our customer base.  Getting back into bringing Internet to under-serviced communities has been very gratifying, particularly this past week.  My neighbour recently learned that I am working for an ISP and asked if there was any chance of getting him connected.

Laurens has been living on my street now for about 4 years and we hit it off talking dirt bikes and rally cars.  He is an exceptional home builder and contractor and lives on a 10 acre hobby farm with his family.  Because he is surrounded by trees, getting a wireless Internet signal was not possible and DSL is also not available on his street. So Laurnes went with the last resort of Internet service... Satellite.

We did a site survey of his property and determined that he could indeed get service from Northwind if he had a tower.  A few days later, a tower was in place.  A quick visit to Kijiji and Laurnes found a 40' tower with an extendable pole and mounted it to the side of his house.  Because he is, as mentioned above, an exceptional builder, the tower installation was professional, solid and secure.  A few days later, we have his home online with our 6mb wireless package.

A secure tower with a Northwind Internet connection.

I had the pleasure of finishing the installation today, I always enjoy our visits.  I crimped the wire, plugged it in and called his daughter to the computer. She opened Netflix and gasped "it didn't even buffer for two seconds!"  She put on her headphones and was not heard from again.  On their old satellite system, they would sometimes wait 10 minutes before a video would play.  The weather today was rain and high wind, all day long, just the kind of weather that makes the satellite extra slow.  Thanks to a resourceful customer and a strong wireless network, another home is supplied with quality Internet.